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AzCA E-News - Clinical Supervision Training in Flagstaff

Clinical Supervision Training in Flagstaff
AzCA will present its Clinical Supervision Training seminar in Flagstaff on July 28-29 at the Northern Arizona Healthcare Flagstaff Medical Center. The two-day training will provide participants with 12 hours of education in supervision methods, models and techniques, roles and responsibilities of a clinical supervisor, techniques specific to supervising counselors in the tasks of diagnosis, treatment planning and providing treatment and evaluation of supervisees in their work of assessment, treatment planning and providing treatment. This training will also cover the ethical guidelines and legal requirements for supervisors, using the 2014 Code of Ethics from the American Counseling Association and the most recent Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners statutes and rules. The one-day training will provide participants with 6 hours of education reviewing supervision methods, models and techniques, roles and responsibilities of the supervisor and provide opportunity to practice in providing feedback and evaluation to supervisees in their work. For more information and to register, click here. Space is limited so register today.

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Social and Emotional Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages*
Kids mature and develop at different paces, but there are certain social and emotional milestones you can expect at different ages.  Keeping track of your child’s progress as social and emotional skills develop can help reveal potential issues.  Read more for a timeline of what’s considered typical behavior as a child develops.
*Article authored by Amanda Morin and published by

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Flagstaff, AZ

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