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AzCA E-News - Welcome Terros Health as First Agency Member

Welcome Terros Health as First Agency Member
AzCA is excited to have Terros Health join as our first agency member.  The new Agency Membership level allows behavioral health agencies to sign up all of their counselors for one low price.  All of the agency’s counselor employees will enjoy the great member benefits AzCA has to offer, plus the agency is listed on the AzCA website and receives free job postings on all year long.  Terros Health

Terros Health is a nonprofit, behaviorally-led whole health, integrated care provider with specialization in trauma-informed mental health, physical health, addiction recovery and wellness interventions. Our compelling purpose is to Inspire Change for Life, and last year we helped more than 53,000 Arizonans on the path to better health and an improved quality of life. Our mission is to create healthy communities while meeting our triple aim of excellent patient experience, quality health care outcomes and controlled health care costs.

If your agency would like to take advantage of this new membership level, please click here for more info and to join.  The agency membership is $995 for one year.

University of Arizona Joins as First Advanced Degree Student Group Member
Welcome University of Arizona advanced degree counseling program students!  Your student group membership will allow you to attend AzCA events at member-exclusive rates, enjoy free webinars, take advantage of liability insurance discounted rates, network with seasoned counselors in your field, and so much more!  We are so proud that your university is investing in your future and supporting the mental health counseling profession in the state of Arizona.  

The University of Arizona Counseling Program mission is to educate professional counselors to work with persons with disabilities as well as children and youth in school settings.  As such, our program curriculum draws from foundational content in rehabilitation, school, and mental health counseling.  Through leadership, advocacy, collaboration, use of data, and action, our graduates will be competent at identifying and overcoming barriers that impede equal access to educational, social, environmental, and career opportunities for all persons.  Our graduates will be dedicated to promoting and facilitating the personal achievement, empowerment, and quality of life of all the populations we serve. 

The membership year for those under a student group membership runs with the university academic year. If you sign up now for an Advanced Degree Student Group Membership the fee will be $375 (50% off the regular price of $750.) You can complete an Advanced Degree Student Group Membership form here. We look forward to counting your students among the members of AzCA.  If you have any questions on this group membership option, please contact AzCA Executive Director Brad Feldman at

Professional Liability Insurance Discounts
Arizona Counselors Association has chosen CPH & Associates as the preferred professional liability insurance provider. Having served mental health professionals for 20 years, CPH & Associates insures students, provisionally licensed interns and fully licensed individual professionals as well as registered mental health business entities (LLC, PLLC, SCORP, etc.).

AZCA members have a reduced administrative fee ($10 as opposed to $20) – a $10 savings! To receive that reduced admin fee, it’s imperative to select “ACA and State Chapters” from the “Select your Professional Association” drop down menu. Click here for more information on this exclusive AzCA members-only benefit.

You may explore the CPH & Associates “Quick Quote” by inputting your respected occupation and employment information to yield a premium summary without submitting any personal information. Click here to get a quote and apply online! Select “ACA and State Chapters” from the “Select your Professional Association” drop down menu to receive an AZCA member discount!

Not an AzCA member?  Click here to join today and take advantage of this offer.

Webinar Series Continues February 27
Our webinar series is held throughout the year, both live and on-demand.  Fellow AzCA members and counseling profession experts provide members with valuable and current information to enhance and better the counseling field. Join us for the next live webinar event on Wednesday, February 27 at 11 am MST - Preventing Divorce Wars and Protecting Children: The Partnership of Therapists and Family Mediators presented by Michael Aurit, JD, MDR.

This webinar explains the divorce mediation process and how mediation results in healthier co-parenting after divorce. Participants will learn how mediation compares to litigation in court. Essential Arizona divorce and child custody law will be covered. Foundational mediation concepts will be explained including neutrality, confidentiality, ethics, and “interest-based negotiation.” Effective conflict resolution strategies will be demonstrated. Family mediation research will be included, as well as ways LPC’s can help prevent child custody battles. There will be significant time for open “ask the mediator” Q & A. 

Michael Aurit, JD, MDR, is a nationally recognized professional divorce and family mediator, Arizona attorney, and Co-Founder of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a Professor at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. Michael is currently President of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). He has achieved the prominent status of Advanced Practitioner with APFM. He holds his Juris Doctorate degree from Pepperdine University School of Law and Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law. Michael is an experienced mediator for high-conflict divorce, known for resolving difficult cases involving child custody issues and spousal support. He is particularly dedicated to helping parents in conflict create parenting plans that allow healthy co-parenting after divorce.

Click here for more information and to register.

Upcoming Events
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Webinar Series
Preventing Divorce Wars and Protecting Children: The Partnership of Therapists and Family Mediators

March 20, 2019
Webinar Series
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April 10, 2019
Webinar Series
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July 13-14, 2019
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Flagstaff, AZ

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