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AzCA E-News - Meet Ray Young, AzCA President

Meet Ray Young, AzCA President
Ray YoungRay Young, LPC, is an Arizona Licensed Professional Counselor and an Arizona Board of Behavioral Health (AZBBHE) listed supervisor. Ray is currently employed with Terros Health, where he is the Clinical Site Manager for their Olive Integrated Care Clinic. Ray manages a team of 25 Clinicians, as well as oversees the day to day operations of the integrated health clinic that provides Behavioral Health Counseling, Psychotropic Medication Management Services, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opiod abuse, and Primary Care Physician (PCP) services. The clinic is also nationally recognized as a Federally Qualified Health Center Lookalike (FQHC), providing primary care services in underserved areas, based on ability to pay.

Ray previously served as President of AzALGBTIC. His area of expertise is the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and he has been active in facilitating and treating Veterans struggling with PTSD. 

Webinar Series Continues April 10 - Private Practice Transformation: Growing Your Practice Through Partnerships presented by Lisa Wozniak
April 10, 2019 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This presentation is focused on the basic concept and practice of creating partnerships designed to help you grow your practice. We’ll look at how to find and create those partnerships and how to move beyond the initial partnership to collaboration. We’ll also talk about how you can market those partnerships and collaborative opportunities in such a way that will market your practice. Here’s what you can expect from this presentation:

  • Which partnerships to seek out and which ones to avoid
  • How to move beyond partnerships and into collaboration
  • How to leverage the partnership for business growth
  • How to market partnerships for increased exposure and credibility

Lisa Wozniak is a Marketing Consultant and owner of Woz Marketing; a marketing company dedicated to helping private practice owner enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. Lisa is driven by her passion to help practitioners overcome varying marketing challenges private practice owners face. Lisa has been in the marketing arena for over 25 years. Having worked with several big business clients in a corporate setting, she has realigned her niche to focus on private practice owners by helping them develop and implement creative marketing strategies designed to grow their client base.

The Arizona Counselors Association is an NBCC-Approved CE Provider. Participants can earn 1 CE for this event.

Click here for more information and to register.

True Progress in Erasing Mental Health Stigma Means Giving Everyone a Seat at the Table*
I remember the barren look in my mother’s eyes when I told her I was diagnosed with depression and was also taking medication to treat it. It was as if the words that had left my lips were too weighty for her to carry. Full of too much pain for her to even try to digest because it might make her sick to her stomach and upset the taste of truth.

This is my story, but it’s also the story of many black women. Women with mahogany skin are constantly having to hide their pain because they are told that it’s too much, too serious, too exaggerated. I had always been told and taught that my pain could go away if I worked a little harder, slept a little later, ate a little more, or complained a little less. Being depressed while wrapped in black skin is difficult not only for my kin, but for the society that I live in.

Someone asked me once if I think progress is being made to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in our society. I didn’t know how to answer. One part of me believes the answer is yes, we are making progress. Yes, because years ago, the word depression seemed a little dirty. Like it was a foreign language that only the hurt and broken understood. But now people are having open conversations about depression and anxiety.

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*Witten by Minaa B. and published by

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Webinar Series
Private Practice Transformation: Growing Your Practice Through Partnerships

April 24, 2019
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Preventing Divorce Wars and Protecting Children: The Partnership of Therapists and Family Mediators

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